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SEO Trends in 2019

SEO Trends in  2019

Is it reallyinteresting to know what will happen in 2019?

Have you dreamt of having a time machine to travel to 2019?

So here, In this blog, we will unfold the biggest changes in 2019.

  • Advancements in search engines like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data
  • User behavior like micro-moments, mobile search, voice search, and search intent!

Impact of search engines on websites

  • Popularity
  • Accessibility
  • Credibility

Advertising and SEO tactics make you online present in 2019!

That’s how you can get greater rankings on Google!

Do’s in SEO

  • Build links through mentions in high ranking and important websites!
  • Focus on appropriate keywords! Associate and direct to figure-out user’s problems!
  • Support visual content with alt text and tags for search engines and users!
  • Create encouraging contents like educational,practical and entertaining!
  • Develop an easily accessible experience for buyers!
  • Design a responsive web design which is unseamed on every device!
  • Explore and assess industry, competitors and user behavior!

Don’ts  in SEO

  • Avoid blackhat methods!
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing!
  • Linking Farming!
  • Duplicate Content!
  • Hidden links and text!
  • Overuse of graphics and animations!

Voice search revolution

Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Yandex Alice have brought revolutions in SEos. Voices are also used for searches by users!

Video Keyword Research

Make use of keywords same as in descriptions! And add hashtags! YouTube catches this kind of videos very faster!

Mobile First Indexing

Mobile users are penetrating 63% by 2019. Be user-friendly! User-experience and user-interface target the mobile market!So make sure your SEO tactsis like that!

Content Creation

Create a content which emphasis on quality!It should be

  • Inspiring
  • Creatively educating
  • Problem-solving
  • Entertaining

This will helps you to load faster in 2019!

Block-chain for Technical SEO

A new dimensional feature helps to avoid fraudulent activities! Every activity will be verified and recorded!

How about your knowledge! Educate us regarding trends!

Are you aware of these changes? Then, comment and discuss with us!

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