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Why Alexa Ranking is so popular?

Why Alexa Ranking is so popular?

Well, we will explain why Alexa is popular among webmasters in this blog post!

How Alexa secured the first place in every webmaster’s heart will be touched!

So keep reading! And discover some fun elements!

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Alexa Ranking!

Alexa ranking is the subsidiary of  Amazon . It focuses in collecting data and analyzing web traffic. Based on this ranking, they rank blogs and websites!

How does it work!

Alexa uses two metrics to analyze the ranking!

  • A number of page views!

Page views refer to the number of times website URL is seen by users!

  • A number of unique visitors!

A number of people who sees your website!

Whoever has installed Alexa toolbar avails the ranking benefits. Alexa gets information from toolbar extensions whenever a user visits the site and records user’s statistics.And the information recorded over three months duration is used for the analysis.

Difference between Google PR and Alexa

Google PR rewards you with a higher ranking and converts your website into authoritative! But you will be less popular.

Alexa gains popularity for you but the ranking is smaller!

Reasons why Alexa ranking is important!

  • Valuable metric to show your website’s popularity!
  • A major factor considered by advertisers to decide your marketing potential!
  • It determines your Google page rank too!
  • Its a relevant metric for commercial websites!

Download Alexa toolbar to get more fame!

Add meta tags to modify your ranking!

Add the Alexa widget to your website or blog to gain more traffic!

Higher ranking gets Higher earning

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